Roanoke Backflow Prevention: How the System Works

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Every homeowner with a Roanoke plumbing system has to be concerned about backflow prevention. With backflow, pressures cause water to flow back up into the system. When this happens, contaminants such as dirt and other substances can get into your water. This not only has the potential to leave a bad taste to your water, but it could result in illness. Many cities have regulations that demand preventative steps be taken to stop this from happening in both residential and commercial communities.

When a company puts in backflow prevention, it stops contaminants from coming back through the pipes and getting into your water. It works something like this. The company will put in a one way valve, which stops the water from moving back up into the supply line. In other words, instead of letting the water simply move at the vagrancies of pressure, it only allows it to go one way. As long as there is no supply water coming through the pipes, the one way valve will close off so that the other water-the water that has already come through the supply line, can’t get back through and act as a contaminant.

Though different companies will use different forms of technology, the most common type of Roanoke backflow prevention valve is the ball variety. The ball will be a little larger than the supple line’s diameter and it can be lowered and retracted by a spring. The water coming through the supply line has enough pressure coming with it that it will actually force the check valve ball away from the opening in the line, letting the water move through as intended. The supply water also provides enough pressure to prevent any water from coming back up through the pipe. When it is shut off, the pressure would allow water to come back up, but the ball falls immediately into place, stopping this from happening.

It is likely that your plumbing system was put into place with backflow prevention already in service. However, if this is not the case, or if you suspect that it might be broken, you should contact a good plumbing contractor service to have them take a look. It is a risky proposition to leave your plumbing system unguarded against the potential dangers of backflow. Make sure this isn’t the case. Get some professionals out on the scene to see what it going on. They can fix your system and make sure contaminants are not getting into your drinking supply.

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