Choosing A Roanoke Water Filtration System For The Home

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A Roanoke water filtration system provides fresh, clean water for your home, the instant the faucet is turned on. The purpose of this system is to ensure that the water you use to drink, cook, and bathe with is as clean and pure as possible. These filters remove harmful contaminants that can compromise the taste, smell, and health of your home’s water.

Unfortunately, we cannot always see what is in our water supply. While there are federal guidelines available to determine the safety of our water, some sensitive populations, like the young, elderly, and sick, are more vulnerable to containments in the drinking supply. A Roanoke home filtration system helps to eliminate many of those containments and increase the purity of your water.

There are two types of water filtration systems that are currently used in the home. The first type is a faucet mounted or under the sink filter that provides service to only one sink in the house. These models allow homeowners to receive filtered water directly from the tap, eliminating the need for specialized pitchers or bottled water. Many homeowners choose to have this type of system installed in their kitchen sink for convenience.

The second type of residential filtration system is a whole house model. This system provides filtered water for the entire home, rather than at just one faucet. Installed at the home’s water source, it provides filtered water for any purpose including drinking, bathing, cooking, and laundry. With this system, filtered water will be available at every faucet in the home rather than at a central location only.

No matter which filtration system you choose, there are some very important benefits that you and your family will enjoy.

Help the Environment:

Filtered water at home reduces our dependence on bottled water. This results in a smaller number of plastic bottles in our landfills.

Save Money:

Bottled water cost much more than tap water. Buy a reusable bottle of your own to carry your filtered water when you are out and about.

Improve Health:

With clean, great tasting water available, you may be more likely to increase your daily intake. Try substituting your high calorie sodas and fruit juices with pure, filtered water. Filters also reduce the chance of dangerous toxins, bacteria and containments from entering your body.


With an in-home water filter, accessing clean, fresh water is as simple as turning on the faucet.

Better Tasting and Smelling Water:

By eliminating chlorine and bacterial contaminants, your water will taste and smell better. When used for bathing, it can improve the look and feel of your skin and hair as well.

America has one of the best supplies of water in the world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American uses 90 gallons of water each day in the home. This is almost 40 gallons more a day than is used in most European countries. Considering how much water we use daily, it is no wonder that homeowners want to make sure their water is as safe and pure as possible.

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